Allow yourself to become part of the story

Immersive Escape Adventures

  1. Everything inside the room immerses you in the atmosphere of adventure, the goal of our rooms is to take you back in time, take you to a different place, or both.
  2. This is not just solving random puzzles, this is a story that you are a part of and a story you a part of telling.
  3. Your experience is meant to not only take you to the time and place and to challenge your wits through puzzles and riddles, but to have a blast while doing it.
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Need to work on your team dynamics? Want to have a fun social outing that still allows your team to develop and work together? Want to do something different? Bring your team to River City Escape Room to boost morale while also focusing on team development, communication, and critical thinking.

With options to bring in food and drinks, as well as reserve our entire facility for you and your team, River City Escape Room can work to meet your needs.

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Experience the exciting adventure with your family and friends!

Hobby Detectives

You are a hobby detective yourself or have a very special idea for your date.


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Corporate event to build the team spirit in your company.
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What The Players Have Said

This was awesome! Me and my 2 friends went and did the medium Alice and wonderland. The details were amazing inside the room (especially considered they are handmade!!) The girl who helped us was incredibly sweet and so fun to talk to while we waited and after we finished. She made our experience even better. 10/10 will come back here! :))

Emma Commons

This. Place. Is. So. Insanely. COOL! I had a LOT of fun here with my mother and my family for Mother’s Day! We did the Alice In Wonderland themed escape room on medium/hard difficulty! It was really cool and an awesome experience! The escape rooms are made by hand by the workers, and there was such spectacular detail and hard work invested into it! They can adjust the difficulty based on whether you’re doing well or not. We started off at medium difficulty but since we were whizzing through the room, they adjusted the difficulty to hard as we went through it. You also can ask for tips and talk to them through a microphone, and they can observe you through security cameras. It’s all based on mental puzzles, so no physical puzzles. They made sure to tell us not to attempt to take ANYTHING apart. Once we finished, an employee let us dress up and pose with props, costumes, and signs and they took a group photo for us! Overall, a great experience that I REALLY recommend you check out! 5 out of 5 stars!

Minah Harmon

This was my first escape room experience and my husband and I were very impressed. I chose the speakeasy room and it was very authentic and even with clues we did not escape in time but they were kind enough to let us stay till we got it since we were so close. I would definitely go here again!

Erika Holliman

My friend Melanie and I did a girl’s weekend in Richmond and found this escape room and decided to try it out. I have done several but this was her first one, and it was incredible. We did the Sherlock Holmes room and it was full of incredible clues, riddles, twists and turns. Not to mention the decor was spot on and really helped enhance the game!!!!! Dennis was our host and HE WAS AMAZING. He gets five stars alone just for his hospitality!! Thanks y’all for making our day so much fun.

Kelly Marie Hale

I’ve done 3 rooms at River City now and they are the best! They go ALL-OUT on decorating the rooms to really immerse you in the story. There’s also a good variety of puzzles and locks. In the latest room, I was able to recognize some of the mechanics they were using, but the puzzles are all unique enough that it was still challenging and fun to solve. The Alice in Wonderland room is the most amazing escape room I’ve seen. My whole party loved it! Highly recommend before it’s gone!

Ivy Rivero

River City Escape Room has the best Escape Rooms my friends and family have ever done. Great owners too, don’t hesitate to book an experience!

Joe Sattelmaier

Escape rooms are our hobby and we’ve done 100+ of them at this point. River City is one of the best places we’ve ever visited. Rachel and Dennis were some of the best (perhaps *the* best) staff and GMs we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I can promise you we’ll return to River City when we’re back in the area.

Johnathan Byerly


Find answers to all of your questions here

What is this?

In each experience, you will be “locked” inside for 60 minutes. Your goal is for you and your team try to figure out how to escape through another door somewhere else in the room. The rooms contain clues, trap doors, and hidden items. Your brain power, puzzle solving, and critical thinking skills are imperative for your success.

If I’m late, can I still play?

We require all participants to show up 15 minutes prior to their booking time. This allows us to cover rules, the story of the room, and get you started on time. Since our rooms have a quick turn around time for the next group to be able to play, if you are late you may be told that we will have to reschedule your appointment. Please note that refunds are not given due to tardiness.

I need to reschedule my reservation!

Just give us a call at 804-325-3250 and our Game Masters can assist with adjusting your reservation.

How many people can play at once?

There are capacity limits to each room when booking rooms online.  If you require more than is listed for a given room just give us a call!  Since all bookings are private, it’s just the folks you want to be in there with you!

Do I need a reservation?

We very highly encourage it. It is the only way we can guarantee that spaces are available and that we are able to take a booking at that time. If you just walk in, we can’t ensure that a game will be available for you to play, or that rooms aren’t currently full.

How much does it cost?

Our rooms are PRIVATE, so no one except your party will be in the room!

All Rooms Except Clairvoyant

$75 – 2 players

$100 – 3 players

$120 – 4 players

$140 – 5 players

$160- 6 players

$180 – 7-8 players


$100 – 2 Players Only


Is this a haunted house?

It is not! Our gamemasters are the scariest thing here. Our rooms are meant to be immersive and have you feel as though you are part of the story. While there may be loud noises, nothing in our rooms is intended to scare you.

How long do I have to complete the game?

Our rooms have a 60 minute time limit.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

While there are no age restrictions on our games, if there is a player under the age of 16 there must be at least one adult over the age of 18 in the room with them at all times.

Do I have to arrive in advance?

Yes! Participants must arrive 15 minutes in advance to ensure rules are covered, stories are told, and all participants are ready to go on time!

What, if anything, should I bring to the game?

All you need is your mind!  You don’t need any tools, magical powers, or any strength to be in our rooms and be successful.

Is it scary?

Our Gamemasters may be a little scary, but they aren’t in your room, so there is nothing to be afraid of!

Escape Rooms are the best gift!

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