60 Min.

You are always telling your friends of your famous Psychic Aunt Belatrix who raised you from birth. Known for making accurate predictions and readings, your aunts fame precedes herself. Your friends have always been skeptical of what you shared about your aunt, but you’re determined to prove her legitimacy. Finally, you have found the time to visit but it happens to be on the day she predicted she would go missing!Now Armed with your Planchettes and 3 best friends you must find out the mysteries of your aunt’s past, find where she went, and set her soul free!

A. Araceli

 ⁃ Relative of Belatrix, eccentric and in touch with your spiritual side. You take your style from your aunt directly, Shaw’s, big Necklaces, and a Psychics Hat!

The Twins

 ⁃ K & D Comedia, the jokesters of the group! Always matching, always working together. These two have a kinetic energy that only they can perceive!

The Skeptic

 ⁃ You are the friend who is skeptical of everything, the realist if you will. Armed with your knowledge of science, it’ll take a lot to prove you wrong.

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