Looking for fun things to do in Richmond, VA with your friends, kids or coworkers? You’ve found the perfect adventure:

River City Escape Room.

The goal is to solve the puzzle the room presents by searching for clues, deciphering puzzles and working together to figure out what it all means.

Our escape rooms are not easy, but WE think you are up for the challenge…do YOU.

Here’s how River City Escape Room works:

1. Choose one of our three professionally designed rooms and book your group.

2. Show up 15 minutes before your experience is scheduled to begin and sign in at the kiosk in our lobby.

3. Once your group is present, you’ll enter a briefing room and hear the backstory of the challenge you’re about to confront. You’ll go over the ground rules — don’t break stuff or try to pry things open — and then enter the spacious escape room.

4. The clock’s ticking as your group begins to explore. Will you conduct an orderly investigation, or will it be a crazy free-for-all? That’s up to you. Cameras and two-way audio connect you to the gamemaster, who can give you up to three clues per game, if you request them.

5. Time’s up! If you couldn’t solve the puzzle, you may ask the gamemaster to walk you through to the end — or you can try again another time. Return to the lobby and get your photo taken for our Genius Wall, if you conquered the challenge.

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