Minah Harmon

This. Place. Is. So. Insanely. COOL! I had a LOT of fun here with my mother and my family for Mother’s Day! We did the Alice In Wonderland themed escape room on medium/hard difficulty! It was really cool and an awesome experience! The escape rooms are made by hand by the workers, and there was such spectacular detail and hard work invested into it! They can adjust the difficulty based on whether you’re doing well or not. We started off at medium difficulty but since we were whizzing through the room, they adjusted the difficulty to hard as we went through it. You also can ask for tips and talk to them through a microphone, and they can observe you through security cameras. It’s all based on mental puzzles, so no physical puzzles. They made sure to tell us not to attempt to take ANYTHING apart. Once we finished, an employee let us dress up and pose with props, costumes, and signs and they took a group photo for us! Overall, a great experience that I REALLY recommend you check out! 5 out of 5 stars!

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