Our three custom-built puzzle rooms are like no other escape room in Richmond. The professionally designed, incredibly detailed rooms immerse you in the story to create an experience you and your group will never forget.

If this is your first time trying an escape room, or if you have kids in your group, we suggest beginning with Speakeasy. If you want a more complex challenge, try INNOCENT!

Our NEW Alice in Wonderland Room can be configured for multiple levels of difficulty, from Moderately Hard to Easy. So It’s Great for experienced escapers and Kids alike! Just let us know what level you prefer when you arrive!

ALICEnewsmallAlice in Wonderland!

Sliding into Wonderland trapped and all Alone…The steps you take are perilous with clues not easily shown.
Your Reality is different than ours, as time employs its wrath. Whether growing big or shrinking small, follow the un-logical path.
All we know of this MAD world is the Queen rules the day. She must be pleased to leave Wonderland or else you ALL must stay!

Alice in Wonderland can be configured for multiple levels of difficulty, from moderately difficult all the way to really easy! So kids can enjoy wonderland just as much as adults! Please let us know when you arrive what level you prefer!

* Alice in Wonderland is a more physically demanding room and may require crawling and stair climbing. It also may contain simple strobe type lighting in some areas.
Players 2-6
ESCAPE RATE: Varies based on level of Difficulty
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The River City is shaken by two ghastly murders….You were just passing through town, having a few drinks at the local bar and someone picks a fight…no big deal, but this time is different. You’re in custody, accused of those murders! You’re booked into the local jail when the police are called away..You have an hour to prove your innocence and escape before its too late… Players 2-8
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speak-easy-e1458734510968Speakeasy —The Greedy Barkeep

You are the owners of a speakeasy in the roaring 1920s. Your employees are disgruntled because you’ve been raking in the cash and not sharing it with them. They decide to set a trap for you by locking you in the illegal bar and calling the police. You have 60 minutes to escape the bar before the cops raid the joint and you go to jail. Players 2-12


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